Which Odds Roulette Offers

Roulette casino game is easy to learn at once. The aim of the game is to select your favorite number, place your bets on that number and wait whether it would be a winning one among other bets. If you've hit - you'd be paid for that. Pretty simple. Here we'd like to tell you about odds roulette provides.

Basic Odds

In Roulette your odds are counted like this: American odds roulette offer are 37:1, because American Roulette has two zero pockets. If you play European Roulette -than your payout odds will be 36:1. The house edge in various types of Roulette is also different. American Roulette wheel contain an additional slot - double zero pocket, that's why its house edge is 5.26%. While in European Roulette with only one zero pocket - the house edge is half as great - 2.6%.

You may also find Roulette with an edge of 1.35%. Usually it is concerned to game where Roulette rules allow winning back player's bets when the ball hits zero number. If you've decided to play a progressive roulette - then the house edge grows increasingly and will be 7.89%. We recommend avoiding such odds.

There are two types of odds roulette provides - true odds and odds that are offered to a gambler. These two kinds of odds vary accordingly to the house edge and the bet itself. Outside bets are also plays in the favor of casino. If you have placed a wager on 1 of 3 columns - your payout will be 2:1. Although it doesn't spread on the green zero spot - as the house edge stay on 5.26%.

Try to avoid betting on the first 5 numbers in progressive roulette. It will give you a payout of 6:1, but the probability of receiving them are 13.6%.

This is the basic information that must give you a full look at the roulette odds and how the game outcome may vary. This means that you have to spend your time wisely and if you've won at about 50% of what you have planned to win - you can safely quit the game. Long run games can cost you all your bankroll.