How to Beat Roulette Wheel

As you have learnt already, European Roulette is better to play because of its wheel and one zero pocket instead of two like in American Roulette. It means that the house edge in that game is lower, which is more preferable for players. You may ask is there any strategies or systems to beat roulette wheel? Well, there are few. We're going to have a short review on how to beat roulette wheel and tips dedicated to it.

What is a Betting Systems

Before we start our observation, we'd like to remind you that there are no perfect betting systems that guarantee a 100% positive result. Roulette is positioned as a game of luck only. You can only find a system that may vary your bets and odds. Every betting system is a sample of bet's progression, which may vary according to different factors. Let's have a look at the most known system called a Martingale betting system.

Different Roulette Systems

Martingale system is counted as a bankroll management system that can be applied to Roulette rules. The system prognoses that you can't lose constantly. That's why Martingale system offers to increase wagers all the time. Such strategy may guarantee that you will win once and cover all your previous losses due to increased bets. This system is quite risky and hasn't been proven its efficiency.

Another beat roulette wheel system is known as Progressive bets strategy. It looks like you start the game with a fixed sum of money and your bet grows accordingly to the total of your winning. When using this system you have to remember that money management is a good idea though. You must limit your amount of bankroll before starting to play Roulette. You have to stop playing when you've exceed the limit.

An important thing to notice when learning some strategies - Roulette wheel doesn't have a memory. And sometimes usage any of the described betting systems gives no result. And you can lose all your money at one time. This is why using of betting strategies isn't recommended. They may be effective only in the very long run. All in all, it's up to you. You can play a free game online to try and experience all of the existing strategies.