American Roulette

The best thing about Roulette is that you can start playing the game in a land-based casino or an online casino without getting to learn the probabilities. Without doubt, the more your knowledge about the casino game the more your chances of winning the game will be. However, how-so-ever good you play, the house advantages gives the house the upper hand. When playing the game, always choose a table that is slow and has a lesser number of players. A slow table means you can get to learn the casino game and win respectable amount in winnings.

Roulette Chips

  • In order to place the bets, you need to buy the chips.
  • No numerical values are printed on Roulette chips.
  • There are generally as many as 8 different colors of chips with each color having 300 chips.
  • Therefore each and every player on a table has specific colored chips.
  • The player has the choice to select the denomination of chips.
  • The numerical value of the chips is based upon your bet.

Rules of American Roulette

  • In American Roulette there are 38 slots in all with numbers from 1 to 36 and two zeros - a single and a double zero on the table.
  • The numbers are marked on the table grid, and there are a number of other outside bets.
  • Before the croupier calls 'No More Bets', you are required to place all the bets.
  • At this time the wheel starts spinning and the ball is tossed into the wheel.
  • And, the number that the ball stops in determines the winning bets.
  • The winning bets appear according to the American rules.
  • The Royal Casino has its own set of rules. But for the 5 number bet, the House Edge is equal to 5.26%. And the House Edge on the 5 number bet is equal to 7.89%.

Rules for Single Zero

There as a number of casinos in Las Vegas, Tunica, Atlantic City and Connecticut that have single zero Roulette Tables. These tables have relatively higher limits, so mostly high rollers play on them. With a double zero table, a high bet is not required. Only the Casino Royale in Las Vegas allows players to place a low bet of 25 cent on a single zero table. The House Edge on the American Roulette table with a single zero is 2.70%.

Rules of European Roulette

The 'En Prison' rule in European Roulette allows you to place even-money bets. When the ball ends on zero you can either get half of your bet back or it can be an 'En Prison'. In 'En Prison' the bet is moved to the next spin. And, if this bet wins during the next spin your bet is released, but you do not get any payout.