This casino game is played by James Bond as well as lots of Americans. It consists of a wheel with 37 or 38 slots in which the ball tossed by the croupier lands when it stops. And it is one of the most commonly found scenes in American casinos. You can find players enjoying taking risk and getting a punch of adrenaline playing round the Roulette wheel trying out their lucks. The dealer or the croupier represents the house. He collects alls the wagers at the table and pays out all the winning bets. Roulette has gained huge popularity from the surge in bets placed by players while the wheel starts to slow down.


  • As a beginner you can bet on as many as 8 numbers.
  • And the bets should be small initially.
  • However, expert players tend to take big risks.
  • You can place bets until the dealer declares that no more bets can be placed.
  • You can pick any of the 8 numbers to place the bet.
  • Whenever you win, you receive the chips that can be cashed at the counter.
  • As and when the wheel starts slowing down, it becomes more predictable to tell where the dolly will stop. This is the reason why the stakes fly high towards to slowing down of the wheel.
  • Bigger bets are placed on numbers as well as the color of the slots. And if they also match then the winnings get multiplied. This is the reason why players choose multiple combinations of numbers and colors, so as to enhance the chances of winning.

No Rules of Winning

The striking thing about Roulette is that there are no rules to win. Therefore there is no system or trick that increases the probability of your winning. So, you can try your hands at the game whenever you feel lucky. In order to understand a specific Roulette table all that is required is lots of luck along with some experience. In a casino you will always find that it is the roulette table that is surrounded by the most number of visitors. Only a simple rule applies to the game that whether you are winning or losing, it has all to take with sheer luck and nothing else.

The thrill of the game gets players deeply attached to this game. The 2 century old history of Roulette is marked with allegations of tempering with the dolly to rigging with the wheel. But, despite all these accusations this casino game has never lost its charm across the globe. It has become so much synonymous with a casino that one cannot image a casino without a Roulette Table. People have seen players fall and rise in this game, but despite its ups and downs, Roulette is here to stay for long.