The Cross-Out System or better known as the Labouchere Roulette System is one of popular strategies used by Roulette players who want to use a simple system.

This system is particularly important because players like to use a system that helps in reducing the House Edge, which simply means increasing the winnings.

Even though this strategy does not promise you to win each and every time, it surely does bring almost constant winnings, which is the reason a lot of roulette players get attracted to it.

How the System Works

This system is quite easy. You can begin by using a pen and a sheet of paper and write a number sequence. The sequence can contain as many numbers as you like. But if you want to make instant profits, then create a short sequence of numbers. Hence, according to the Labouchere system the first bet will be equal to the total of the 2 outer numbers in the sequence. So, if you have chosen 1,3,4,2 as your sequence, then the first bet will be 3 units. When you win, the two numbers 1 and 2 are crossed from the sequence. The next bet will be for 7 units that is the sum of the remaining two numbers. And if you win again, you will start a fresh sequence.

If you lose in the first bet, then 3 is added to the end of the sequence. The next bet then would be for 4 units if you place the 3 to the end of the sequence and 5 if you place is to the beginning. Thus, you can find that Labouchere System involves crossing numbers from the sequence when you win a bet and adding number to the sequence ends in case the even money bets are lost.

Reverse Labouchere

Another variation of the Labouchere Strategy is the Reverse Labouchere System. This system is the exact opposite of the Labouchere System. Here you cross numbers when you lose a bet, while add a number when you win. With this sequence, your game is going to become quite long and you are going to need larger wagers.

If you find a player who has used the Labouchere System for some time for his opinion about the winnings and results, then you are surely going to get the response that they system gives good streaks of winning. However, there are also longer streaks of losing associated with this strategy at times. Even with this fact in view, this system is considered far better as compared to the Martingale Strategy, which has established its image among lots of gamblers as the simplest way to turn poor.