You must have come to this information page in order to learn whether the Martingale System works or not. Here you will find information on the fact that the system actually does not work. And, if you want further details about this system, then the following pages will provide you good amount of information.

Martingale for Different Games

  • Martingale System for Craps - Here you will find information on using the system in craps. Here you will also come to know why it is not advisable as a strategy that can be used for long term. The page clearly says that the system does not work, even if it works in the short run.
  • Martingale System for Blackjack - This page gives information on how the system works for blackjack. Here you will find links to other betting systems used for playing blackjack. Here also it is explained that the system does not work.
  • Martingale and other Roulette Systems - Here information is given upon both the Martingale system and other systems used for playing roulette77. Here also the answer to the question whether this particular system works for Roulette is a simple 'No.'
  • Is it illegal to use the Martingale System in Roulette? - This page comes from Yahoo Answers that asks whether this system is illegal to use. The best answer chosen against this question says that it is not at all a good strategy for playing Roulette. Then answer to the question whether this system works is again a simple 'No.'
  • Does the Martingale System work for a big bankroll and without upper betting limit? - In the Two plus Two forums for poker this question is a topic of discussion. This forum uses mathematical calculations and looks at this question from hypothetical and theoretical aspects. The forum clears says that this system work only if the player has an infinite or a very big bankroll along with nil upper betting limit. And the truth is that both of these things are not possible.
  • About Martingale System from Michael Bluejay's VegasClick - Michael Bluejay gives information on the Martingale system in a simple and clear way. The article explains that Martingale System increases the short term winning chances. The question has been interestingly handled and one cannot argue with the experience and wits of Bluejay. His answer to the question whether the system works or not is that it works a little, only a little but not actually.
  • Martingale System according to Wizard of Odds -The wizard of odds, Michael Shackleford, has a different perspective from Bluejay, but his answer to the same question whether this system works or not is same - a simple 'No.'